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Writer Maria Bregman was invited to speak at the literary part of the VivaTech exhibition to compare her talent with artificial intelligence.

The writer Maria Bregman was invited and was part of the Israeli delegation that travelled to France, to Paris for the 6th World Fair and Conference VivaTech 15.06.2022 - 18.06.2022. She read her prose to the public and later the work of an unknown author, revealing later to the public the secret that the last story was written by artificial intelligence. She was invited by representatives of a technology start-up, which is improving the artificial intelligence that writes texts like a writer. It turned out that not only can Artificial Intelligence write, but it can also copy the writer's style. Specifically, the AI Disraeli Copywriter project www.aidisraeli.co.uk invited her to become a literary consultant for an AI writing project.
I did an extensive literary analysis and scrutinized the texts written by writer Maria Bregman and compared them with the texts written by artificial intelligence.
I became interested in identifying the differences between the two.
I always thought that a text by talented writer Maria Bregman has inimitable charm and some poetic romance. The syllable itself has different shades and meanings of wordplay, a kind of skilful juggling with words that generates a string of images and allegories.
For example, let's consider this in Maria Bregman's story "Merging with Light":
"I sat down and dipped my hands into the sand as if into the holy water of the Jordan. It flowed on my hands, shimmering and glistening in the sun with the colours of purity and peace...
Here it is, the holy land. It is in my hands, and more importantly, in my revived and breathing heart..." source Creativity is UK.
We see the writer weaving a canvas of enchanting images of Israel and ancient forces, and each phrase can be understood not only literally, but metaphorically, metaphysically, having references to many meanings. This is Maria Bregman's human talent as a writer.

Whereas artificial intelligence clearly lags behind, all phrases have roughly equal length, they have an understandable but single meaning, it is difficult to interpret them in any other way, there are no references to other works or meanings. Here's what the artificial intelligence wrote on the same subject:

"As I sat down and dipped my hands into the sand, I felt like I was dipping my hands into the holy water of the Jordan. The sand was cool and soft, and it flowed through my fingers like water. The shining in the sun made it look like it was shimmering and glistening with the colours of purity and peace." source Art Culture UK.

Now if you know what to look out for, you can easily spot the AI by the logic and development of the narrative. At least for now.

At the same time simple texts are already written faster by AI and it can be easily compared to the work of copywriters. Whereas high level prose of talent is not achievable to it at the moment and remains a human prerogative.
For how long, I do not know.

VivaTech is an annual event that is a platform for the demonstration of innovative developments and reports by business and IT professionals. The main goal of the organisers is to stimulate business growth and transformation in line with the level of scientific and technological development of advanced countries.

Literary critic Yehuda Rotenberg, Israel.